I think the bitch you get from a lot of people is the promos. I feel like his promos are getting better. I worked a lot with Batista. Batista took a while to find his voice for longer promos, but when he found it especially on that feud with Cena he was gangbusters every night. I think Reigns is a young man finding his voice and I think he can get there. The problem I have is it feels like they know the goal, but they don’t know how to get there. To me the problems with Reigns are story problems. I think the weakest match at SummerSlam was him and Randy and they are going to that again. Then it sounds like they are gonna segue to Rollins then Hunter. If anyone can get him there I feel like Hunter probably can. I want to see Reigns involved in a really compelling story and not so much it just feels like he’s randomly coming out. What really pisses me off that Ambrose was really angry about getting stabbed in the back by Rollins and it seems like up to this point that Reigns hasn’t given a sh*t. That betrayal should have stabbed him in the kidneys. Instead he just went off and seemed to have not cared.

Former Smackdown lead writer Alex Greenfield on problems with Reign’s character development (X)

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imagine your icon secretly getting in your bed and cuddling with you while you’re sleeping.



and such is the way of bunnies and weaponry.

buns w guns


Sassy Seth on Raw Fallout

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every member of the authority likes wearing black because it’s funeral appropriate and they’re always plotting murder

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It kinda pisses me off that a male superstar hitting a diva isn’t “family friendly” but the Divas can slap the men and it’s perfectly fine.

  • Cookie: That's a nice picture of Dean.
  • Me: That's what I want at my funeral.
  • Me: Not of me.Of Dean.

Screen went grey.

What happened?

Did a titty break free?

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